Monday, June 7, 2010

Starting the Playhouse

When I was a kid my dad built an incredible playhouse. It was up on stilts and had a sandbox underneath it. I remember playing with my friends and cousins in the playhouse, making food from pinecones and acorns. We spent a lot of time in the sandbox underneath the house. I moved away from that house at the end of elementary school, but I have a feeling that if I had a space like that when I was in middle school I certainly would have gone and hung out there to talk about boys, far away from where my mother could hear.

I have a small house; under 1200 square feet. So when it is anywhere above 50 degrees we try to head outside. For my son's second birthday my dad designed a new playhouse for us. We worked all last weekend on framing and starting the siding. The walls and porch still have some work (all of the work) left, but even now it's already become a place that I have to drag Henry away from in the evenings to go take his bath.

We have some more great ideas about how to diversify the playhouse as a mock root cellar and hidden storage as a shed, but right now I want to share some of our pictures and processes.


  1. Cute! Nice job. Can I ask you what program you used to do the elevations?

  2. My father is an architect and he did the elevations using an autoCAD program. I can ask him specifically if you would like.

  3. Absolutely beautiful! Great idea to plan on it being a shed in the future. Or who knows? Maybe a chicken coop or bunny house...