Friday, June 18, 2010

Nasturtium salad

 I love looking at decorative flower gardens but I cannot justify the time and water used to maintain them without getting something else back.  So in my decorative area I plant edible flowers.  Anything in the vegetable & herb section of the greenhouse works for this.  Different seasons have different flowers and a lot take a bit longer to get to the flowering stage.

My favorite edible flower is hands-down nasturtium.  They grow quickly and with bad soil and little water.  The leaves and flowers are edible and they are just so pretty!

One of the easiest ways to make a delicious and beautiful salad is to add these flowers.  Whenever I have to take a salad dish to a gathering I make a garden salad with some nasturtium blooms on it.

I like putting a bit of cheese into the middle of the bloom and adding some chives by wrapping them around, laying them on top or dumping them all over.  These chives are now three years old and still going.  In zone 5!  They are very hardy and over-winter in my dark garage.

In this case I used mascarpone cheese because that buttery taste went well with the older greens that I cut from my garden.

Seriously, you can use a utensil but I used my fingers.  It didn't take long and you can be a little bit creative.



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  1. Those look so pretty and I bet they are just as yummy. I love chives for their hardiness. I'm in Zone 2 and completely neglected, they pop back up year after year!