Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Felt-o-rama: Barrettes

My sister sent me the link to the tutorial for these adorable felt rose barrettes from the purl bee.  I wanted to make them for her daughter (my niece) Mary.  I went out and bought some barrettes and they were on my to do list for many months.

Felt-o-rama finally motivated me to get them done!  I bought a package of 8 barrettes.  So far three of them are completed felt roses, and I intend to make two more colors.  The other three I had other plans for that I will show you soon.   

I followed the tutorial on the purl bee, except that my barrettes were smaller than theirs.  I shrunk the rose pattern and just traced my barrettes to make the pattern for the part that goes around the barrettes.  

I took Mary swimming today at my park district pool, and after we dried off she was nice enough to model the barrettes for me.

She was very excited about them and wanted to put all three in her hair at the same time.  However, being the independent almost two year old that she is she would not look at the camera!

Aha, finally caught one where she is looking...

- Laura

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