Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Felt-o-rama: Felt Food

My mom always told me I should start the day out right by eating breakfast.  

Meghan's son Henry recently turned two.  About two weeks after his birthday I finally completed his gift and mailed it to him.  Luckily, it fits right in to our felt-o-rama month.  I would link back to some blogs that I used for inspiration but there are just too many of them!  I looked at many different blogs and took my favorite ideas, and adapted some and made them my own.  

Henry has many different options for lunch: 


And for dinner I sure hope he likes Italian:  

Apparently the pizza is his favorite so far. . .  

The classic basketball, soccer ball, and bacon pizza is my favorite too! 


  1. Those felt ravioli and farfalle are so cute! Seriously impressive details!

  2. They are adorable! One of these days I want to make some felt food for my son. Maybe this fall...