Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Sundays. . .

Last week I worked on many of my new goals.  First, to get more organized and plan and cook ahead on Sundays to prepare for the week.  That has been going pretty well so far.  Last week I made a quadruple recipe of chili which was plenty to eat on the nights that I had class after work, and to freeze a whole bunch.  Here is what is waiting for me in the freezer for the next time that I do not have time to cook on Sunday. 

I also made some oatmeal to bring to work in the morning and eat for breakfast.

Then I tried a new whole grain this week (or tried to anyway).  I bought some whole red wheat berries at the store.  I was going to try to grind them up and add them to my whole wheat flour to bake bread (more on the bread later this week.)

I thought that if I put them in the food processor that should be able to grind them up no problem. 

Here they are after processing. . .

Hmmm, I guess that I really do need to get a grain mill.  Any suggestions on good ones?

- Laura

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