Monday, September 6, 2010

How much!?

I went to my local natural food store this week.  I normally am not that careful about checking over my receipt (I know I should be).  But this week I happened to glance over it.  I bought one small butternut squash.  Here it is next to an average sized peach.

Now imagine my shock when I saw the price!  $9.49 for one small squash!?  I know that organic produce is a little bit more expensive than conventional, but this seemed a bit excessive. 

When I looked more closely I saw that the receipt said 4.77 lbs of butternut squash.  There is no way that is a four and three quarter pound squash!  So I took it back to the store and politely asked about it.  The woman working at customer service was very nice and apologetic.  She gave me a full refund for the squash, so basically I ended up with a free butternut squash. 

A happy ending.

- Laura

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