Tuesday, July 20, 2010

St. Louis

 In case you have noticed that the last 10 or so posts were all by Meghan here is why.  My husband and I took a trip to St. Louis last week.  However, I also cannot totally blame it on the trip.  If you read our about me section then you know that I am a procrastinator, and notorious for doing everything late.  So here is a better late than never post!

Our trip to St. Louis was mostly business, but with a few days to explore the city as well.  Here are some pictures of the famous Arch.

You can see it from almost everywhere in the city, and even if you are not facing it you can feel its presence.

Its shadow on the Mississippi River, and its reflection in other buildings.

The sad part is that we did not get to go up into the arch to see the view.  My husband is a wheelchair user, and even though there is an elevator like system most of the way to the top there are 96 steps to get to the windows.  I know that it is an old structure, but I think it is about time to update!  They did have a pretty neat museum and gift shop located beneath the arch though, and we were able to see that. 

Before I left town I made sure to give all of my plants plenty of water.  Unfortunately, herbs like dill and basil are major water hogs. Luckily, they also bounce back quickly.  Here is the basil when I got home, and then 24 hours after I watered it.

And the dill when I got home and then 24 hours after watering. 

I also went to a small farmers market in a suburb of St. Louis, but I will save those pictures for our Saturday market post.

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