Monday, July 12, 2010

Bottom's up!

I was supposed to work on the playhouse this weekend.

I didn't.

I was supposed to work on a felt checkerboard, too.

I didn't.

Know those piles of laundry?  Sitting next to/under the bed?

Not folded.

I did, however indulge and relaxed and loved every minute of time with my family.  (insert ridiculous virtual hugs here to everyone).

And, my drink of choice was this:

 plus  (that's rum, y'all)

Um, yum.  Summery and delicious and the crickets are chirping.  You will have to wait for later for the playhouse.  My insincere apologies.

Also, since I was out of town last weekend and forgot to take out a banana (see about us to read about my history with produce) we have fruit flies.  This works wonders at getting rid of them.  Leave a half inch in the glass on the counter and wiiizaaam.  Buh-bye flies.  Enjoy your drink.


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