Thursday, July 22, 2010

Not quite a failure!

Reading Laura's failure post made me smile.

While we wait for the sun to come up so she can take some pictures, let me disclose the giraffe-mushroom-yard-thing I posted about on Monday.

It's a cucumber!  I planted an heirloom cucumber, and forgot to write down what kind it was.  They were yellow-green when I left town and brown when I came home.  I thought some kind of disease hit.  But really, they were incredible!

Also, just to pimp myself out/show that I can in fact finish projects, I finished an alphabet poster for my son yesterday.  He has become obsessed with letters and letter sounds, so I worked on making him a fun poster.

He loves it.  And because it's fun for him, I put it over here too.


1 comment:

  1. Cool poster! It looks great, I love all the patterns.

    Have you seen the book Alphabet City by Steven Johnson? It's all just pictures (not photography)of places you can see letters in everyday city life. Totally cool. Some are easy for kids to find, others are harder - it might be fun for your little one.