Thursday, July 8, 2010

Gardening, just because

I am nearing the point when gardening becomes dull.  When the routine of watering every morning (and sometimes evening) is a chore, not an exciting event anymore.

It's that stretch between initial work and the big payoff.  Things are green and growing like crazy but the most exciting summer vegetables aren't here yet.  It's getting close though.

I am doing an online class, or really, inspiration group (cheeeeesy) called Picture Summer with Tracey Clark.  As silly as it sounds, it has helped me in the garden.  Going outside with intention to capture something small or taking a step back, a deep breath and capturing something grander has motivated me to get back out there and get some of those weeds.  Because, you know, they are totally ruining the shot!

Here was my garden plan as of June 1st.  Not much has changed except that all of my lettuce is dead and gone now.  And for some reason my sunflowers just fell over and bit it.  Oh, and that trip out of town last weekend almost did it in for the mint, but I think my mojitos are bringing it back.  Nothing like a good drink to motivate the watering in the morning.

(And wish Laura and her husband a Happy Anniversary today!)


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