Saturday, August 7, 2010

Silhouettes in the sun

Before the heat of summer is totally gone and the light starts to disappear way too early, I wanted to capture some of the playfulness we have had this summer.

Last night we created fun silhouettes using some stuff around the house and the evening sun.

It's really simple to do yourself.  I used a vintage sheet I picked up at goodwill for $2, a few garden stakes and a few binder clips.  The ground was too firm to sink the stakes into, so we propped them up using a picnic table at my favorite park.

Make sure to position the people on the same side as the sun and the camera on the other side of the sheet so that you are shooting right into the light. We played around with where the sun hit the sheet to use it as a "prop" in these pictures.

My two year old didn't entirely get the idea of making shadows, so we encouraged him to show us some of his favorite signs.  The one above is "bug" which looks kind of like a cute nose-pick.

I think that using a few different sheets or changing exposures could really be fun with this idea.  We didn't have tons of time because this was already way past bedtime.

I would love to see if anyone else has done things like this!


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